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I highly recommend that you consider All Steel Structures of South Holland, IL as one of your approved fabricators. This recommendation is based on my having over 20 years of business experience with All Steel Structures and its owner, Ted Bratsos. When I worked as the Engineering and Production Manager at 3M, we worked with All Steel on a multitude of projects. Some were fab only, others were turn key. We always found the structures to be of the highest quality, with very professional workmanship. A critical aspect to us, and I'm sure it is to you also, was on-time delivery. Ted always honored his delivery and installation commitments. Another concern for us was safety, we always found Ted's crews to be very professional, well equipped, well trained and safety conscious.


Effective Engineering Solutions, Ltd.​

Dear Ted:
Recently we purchased a 65 ft. hagl, single pole structure from your company. It was the first time that we had used All Steel and I was apprehensive about dealing with a different sign manufacturer. Now that the structure has been installed I would like to make the following comments:
1. The single pole structure arrived on time. Other companies that I had dealt with in the past could not deliver their product in a timely manner.
2. Your staff was courteous and provided excellent service. They overnighted plans for me and answered questions that arose in the field.
3. Your company provided extra walkways and ladders for a poster panel/bulletin conversion at no extra cost.
4. The structure bolted together extremely well, all bolt holes matched up and nothing had to be re-fabricated in the field.
5. The structure is very sturdy. It has an additional x brace in the center which really stiffened it up.
6. All parts has a thick coat of paint for long lasting protection.
7. The safety cables were engineered to OSHA standards being attached to the actual main structure.

In summary, I was very pleased with your company and hope to do business with you in the years to come. You definitely are a leader in the outdoor industry.

David Meinhart

​Lamar Advertising

Dear Ted,
Thank you again for your efforts in the installation of the referenced wall unit.

Your efforts in overcoming the obstacles of the delicate engineering problems; use of the crane on the narrow street without one complaint from the municipality, neighbors in the area, or owners of the property; and completion on time working under adverse weather conditions are overwhelmingly appreciated.

In short...a job well done!

Jeffrey J. Berg

Dear Ted,
Once again I would like to commend your crew for the great job they did in completing the new structure earlier this month in Gary, Indiana...

This sign came out better than expected with good reads in both directions and on behalf of our company and myself we are very thankful for the fine job and great service connected with this new build. Please extend our gratitude to your staff.

Willaim P. Schmelter

Chicago, like many of the markets you operate, is very mature and none of the new locations are "straight forward". Roof builds, hundred (100') h.a.g.l.'s, and readership to be developed from multiple viewing angles are the norm. If the local governments and a few dozen competitors weren't enough to contend with, the rigors of logistics and field operations in a market this intensively developed assure that life is an ongoing nightmare. The question as always is, how do you develop some acceptable level of comfort and peace?

For us, the answer has been to utilize only the best vendors and suppliers. And that is the end to which this letter is written. I recommend to you and to your company, without reservation, the services and products of All Steel Structures, a sign fabricator obsessed with quality, which exhibits a level of integrity not common to their industry. Their eye for detail and commitment to execution is exceptional - and you know just how critical I am.

Camden Coffman

Dear Ted,
I just want to write and tell you how much we appreciate your attention to detail in building and installing structures for us.

You make sure we know the test results of the fasteners used in assembly, and that your people at the site and in your shop are certified. This information provides us with assurance that the structure ordered is what will actually be installed at the site.

Please be assured that in an age of more and more quality control that these aspects of the business are extremely important.

Thank you so much.

Frank Britton

I feel I know Ted well enough to also make a personal recommendation. I have found him to be very dedicated, conscientious, and professional; with the highest degree of integrity in all aspects of his relationships with his customers and vendors. He understands that to be successful in the long term, All Steel must put out nothing but superior products and services on each and every job.


Effective Engineering Solutions, Ltd.​

Dear Ted,
Please forgive me for not taking the initiative earlier to write and thank you for the fantastic work you have done for us these past years. I suppose that there is a tendency to take for granted people and companies that we trust to deliver high quality work, and instead of thanking them, we ignore them for the problems that are caused by those people and companies that do not. I would like to take this opportunity, to the extent I can now, to remedy this.

I have never had reason to doubt or even be concerned about any job, and we have had more than I can count, that you have done for us. The commitment to quality, and service you and your company have displayed is evident. You, and the people in your organization, have been nothing less than a pleasure to deal with.

Beyond the workings of our two companies, I must say, I have personally come to consider you to be a good friend. I have developed a high level of trust in you, and I know that you keep your word. As such, I must tell you that for me friendship is something earned, and it is not something that I take lightly.

Again, Thanks.

David Williams

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