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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

How does a welder effect your sign?

CertificationA welding certification is technically a procedure or a welder qualification test. Welding certifications are designed to ensure the welders skills are up to the code they will be working under. Welding certifications are also documented to prove that the welder is qualified under that code. Welding codes vary depending on the type of work being done. There are many organizations that have different procedures depending on the type of work they oversee. The largest organization in America that certifies welders is the American Welding Society

The welding certification procedures they have approved have been tested many times to ensure that if followed, the welder taking the welding certification understands the rules and has the skills that will pass the test.

Welding certifications come in many positions, metal thickness, welding processes, and metal types. When the term “Certified Welder” is used it only means that welder is certified under the welding procedures they have tested under. There is not a single welding certification that covers all types of welding. For more information go to the or



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